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a hole

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Find out what a hole is like...

The first fill has been done. Didn't fill much...but
it did start something. Check the stuff from there.

1 slumping days
2 my pig house
3 find me in the dark
4 a new york night
5 state of a balloon mind
6 fill up a hole

1 one day I woke up in the morning I did start another day ...the sun did come dowm and I spent another day ...I did nothing but wasting...I can't write a song anymore..

2 warm food warm bed warm air in my room...take me out
of my room! running water running train running time in reality...catching up with many things won't stay with me!

3 you find me in the dark...I can not see you with light
darker darker I feel for myself.. brighter you smile at me

4 after midnight after many drinks after break ups after many are feeling for the night "a new york night"...

5 I have no control of myself "blow the air into me!" so I can work...I'll be flying..."blow the air into me!" hold me its string to keep me here

6 we are in a a dark hole...we can't see each other...but we can hear each other...we are trained strangers...we are not totally strangers...fill up a hole!